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We create exceptional marketing solutions for IPAs and professional healthcare organizations, enabling them to realize their full potential through customized market strategy and brand development. 

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Helping medical management groups thrive.

We understand the unique challenges your business faces, and we are here to solve them. 

Physician engagement can be challenging in a busy world where time and attention are increasingly scarce. 


Our clients have seen practices respond well to clearer, simpler messaging, and we help you create exactly that. 

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Customized Solutions to Power Your Success
Kompass will help you establish a prominent web presence and improve your search result rankings to reach more practices. Stand out with a high-performing website, clean and modern branding and a clear message. 
Why are we different?

Kompass is a leader in Physician Group marketing, and we always put you first.

Kompass has deep experience in the field. We regularly partner with CEOs and top decision-makers to become an extension of their team and a reliable thought partner. 

We measure our success by your success, delivering bespoke solutions that precisely match your resources and needs. 


Strategy & Planning

We assess and optimize client outreach and engagement, so you can connect better, with more practices. Let us help you refine your products and services to ensure your messaging is current and resonates with your clients. 

Branding & Development

Kompass helps you put your best foot forward, with visually engaging and clear messaging. Standout with an updated website and brand, with easy to read content that displays your products and value clearly.

SEO Enhancement

We make sure that you can be found by Practices that would benefit from joining your network.  Our enhanced SEO offering showcases your business through a Google My Business page and increased search results. 

Technology Assessment

Our assessment helps identify technology needs to help your team function at its full potential. Let us identify opportunities for new tech or create custom solutions to increase team efficiency and client interaction.

Let our clients do the talking.

Trusted, Proven Results

We have partnered with leading groups to help them achieve success with practice outreach and engagement, and we would be delighted to welcome you as our next happy client. 

Jim Trounson

President, MedMan

Barbara’s questioning forced us to rethink the why, how, and what of our forty-year-old firm, leading to a revitalized vision of what future success will look like for us.  The ensuing redefinition of our products was a healthy spin-off of the company shake-up she started. We're walking taller now because of Kompass.



Brand Strategist / Founder Kompass Concepts

Barbara draws on a reservoir of deep experience in integrated marketing, brand building, business development, and project management in a variety of national and international markets. She founded Kompass Concepts in 2016 to help innovative brands achieve success in the marketplace, with a specialization on medical management groups. Barbara’s prior experience includes working with more than 120 companies, ranging from pre-launch brands to Fortune 500 players. Barbara taught Global Marketing classes to MBA Students in New York City as part of the Mountbatten Program and finds joy and inspiration in helping companies tell compelling stories through Kompass Concepts. She holds an MBA in International Business from St. Mary’s University, with a specialization in marketing.


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